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 THE FIRST AGE: The time of Building and Prosperity

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PostSubject: THE FIRST AGE: The time of Building and Prosperity   Thu Aug 18, 2011 5:14 am

For the next 400 years the newly formed kingdom of Salvagard existed in relative peace. After the crowning of the first Norberg king the werewolves felt safe upon the Mesa from the wilds that surrounded them and the people began to build a new settlement upon its rocky surface. They began by constructing a large hall of wood and stone at the peak of the Mesa, intended to look out over their new land and shelter the people in times of crisis. They then began on the settlement proper.

The people moved from the canvas tents that had sheltered them on the long march into new shelters made of thick tree logs, designed to protect them from the harsh conditions. At first they were simple constructions, an angled ‘A’ frame that prevented the heavy and frequent snows from crushing the small buildings. However, over time they became far more permanent structures, their roofs being raised and true walls being constructed from planks cut during the summer months, later replaced by rock quarried from a nearby hillside.
As the people became more settled they began cutting new roads into the rock of the mesa, a process taking many years due to the makeup of the rock (almost pure granite) and the long winters of the north. Over time a rudimentary economy was established, with many basic items being bought and sold in a market situated before the High Hall. One thing that was agreed upon early after the settlements foundation was the construction of a monument to the great prophet, a massive obelisk several stories tall to look out over the land, with a large crystal found in the granite of the mesa being shaped into the obelisks point, a reflective light to guied people to the city. Its surface was covered in pictographs, describing the Prophets life and prayers to the Twelve for the safety of his people.
With a wall of stone hewn from the very heart of the Mesa and set across the narrow access ramp that led to the plateau above the Salvagardian’s settlement was protected, and the people for the first time felt safe, and able to leave their fears behind them.

Then began the long process of taming the land. Although they had no desire to impose their view of things upon the great forests and peaks as humans did, they knew that many of the forest monsters, like the Trolls and Giants, would need to be pushed back so that the people would have room to expand (although wholesale slaughter was never condoned, with memories of humans and their hunts still strong in the peoples minds).

Under the reign of the Norberg kings a new force of fighters was created, made up of small hunting packs, designed to harass and harry the lumbering monsters, taking them down one at a time so that they could be pushed back, away from Salvagard and into the foothills and mountains. Though many pack members were killed in outright fights with the massive Snow Giants, the likes of which few werewolves had seen before, the campaign was a success. Vast swathes of land were cleared, allowing the Werewolves free dominance to hunt in the forests that abounded with wild game of all kinds.

As time moved on the settlement of Salvagard grew into a bustling town, its buildings now spreading not only over the Mesa but onto the lands around it. The people had taken to farming vast areas of hardy crops to support their new population, and although Werewolves preferred a meat heavy diet, the advent of brewing and creation of ales resulting from farming was something much celebrated in the growing city. Many new Taverns and Brew halls were opened by enterprising individuals, and they did good business within the first hours of opening (the late night hours were less fruitful owing to most of the patrons being passed out on the floor).

However, with local trade becoming more powerful by the day the Norbergs were faced with a problem. Their economy still ran upon the coinage brought with them from the long march, and very little more had been made due to the Werewolves compunction to be severely claustrophobic, meaning any sort of prolonged mining operation to find more gold was impossible (Although the area was rich in silver, its toxic nature meant it was avoided by the Werewolves).

The solution to this problem was found by a young hunter travailing through the lands on his Right of Ascendance. As he hunted an illusive Snow Leopard across a small range west of the city (as the City of Salvagard had come to be known) he stumbled upon a stream. It was a small thing, not too wide or deep, something to be expected in the foothills of a mountain range. What caught the Hunters attention was what the stream ran over. Beneath the thin topsoil that covered it lay a riverbed that shone as pure as glass, is surface only blemished in areas by rocks brought down in mountain floods. It seemed impossible, but the Hunter had to believe his eyes. The hill was made of clear diamond.

It was a massive find, and after the hunter had reported it to the king several packs were dispatched to confirm the discovery. When they did so it was the answer to the kings prayers, and many workers were dispatched. It was revealed that not only was the hill of the stream made of diamond, but almost every hill in the range was also made of the same precious substance, covered in varying layers of soil and debits. It was from then on that the kingdom of Salvagard was able to use diamonds cut form these hills as currency, and that practice continues to this day. It was also decided to be the site of the second settlement of the Salvagardian Kingdom, Eadburg, the rich mountain.

With this crisis averted the Kingdom of Salvagard entered into its first era of prosperity, a condition unknown to its inhabitants since time immemorial. Many more villages and towns grew across the land, although many remained small as to not disrupt the abundance of game across the land. However, like all good things, it’s time came to and end, and 500 years after their salvation and deliverance the people blessed by the Twelve were plunged into the Ice war.


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THE FIRST AGE: The time of Building and Prosperity

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