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 Specific Powers

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PostSubject: Specific Powers   Wed Jul 13, 2011 1:27 am

Novice/Inherent Powers

Fire and Light

The Phoenix Factor:
Though not an actual power, study has proven the common knowledge that Fire and Light Elementals recover more quickly from injury than other Elementals. Though the reason behind this is not actually known, some believe that this is due is to the fact that these two Elementals are more aware of their life forces than anyone else. Their powers are very closely tied to their lives in the way that when a Light heals, it takes portions of their own strength to do so, and when a Fire uses vast amounts of their own powers, the natural flame sparked within them flickers for reasons unknown.


The power to move unseen through shadows. A mediocre gift, it is used by Dark Elementals to gather around them the cloak of the shadows they command. If an Elemental is proficient with their command, they can work the shadows to be nearly impenetrable to prying eyes, though the faster one moves through these shadows, the less completely a shadow will cover them. A flash of skin, the wisp of air, the scratch of boots on the ground are all giveaways that must be kept in mind.


A common gift, those with Earth talent can use the several many minute signals perceived from the ground beneath them and the plants which grow up from it to detect the approach of others.

Detection is a somewhat natural ability, as all Earth Elementals have a ‘sixth sense’ of the world around them and what inhabits that world, but unless the talent is cultivated away from raw knowledge into an expertise, it is an incomplete art.

A fairly generic power, Growth allows an earth elemental to artificially manipulate a plant, accelerating its growth along and shaping itself to an Elemental's desired shape. Care must be taken, however, as repeated manipulation of such kind can lead to cellular damage of the plant and will eventually mean the plant will die, at which point any form of manipulation will be severely limited.

Malleable Touch:
A slightly more advanced ability than Growth, Malleable Touch works in much the same way that Growth does, but with mineral substances such as rock or jewels. It is a far more complex task, as the Elemental has to shape the minerals themselves as opposed to organic materials, which naturally grow. Direct contact is required, whether through their hands or the soles of their feet. Unlike plants, rocks will not become damaged through prolonged changing, but they will become brittle if stretched too thin, as with any mineral.

There is a warning to those who use this power, however. The use of Malleable Touch is linked directly to the physical strength of an Earth Elemental. Should they attempt to manipulate a mineral into too large a structure, there is the very real possibility they will inadvertently use all their strength, resulting in death.

Silent Step:
An offshoot of Malleable Touch, this power allows the Elemental to hide their footsteps, preventing the vibration that would usually give away their presence from traveling through earth or stone. To do this, the Earth Elemental must make the earth around them completely immovable.

This ability is not fail proof, however. Other Earth Elementals can detect the frozen earth if they are alert enough to their surroundings, for within the earth there moves living things, and Silent Step restricts their movement. The Dark Elementals who are advance enough in their abilities to utilize Casting can detect their presence through the shadows, while Air Elementals can sense them through utilization of Wind Sense and the air that stirs around an them as they move; Wind Sense, however, is not widely used for this sort of detection, as currents disturbed by the slowly moving Earth Elemental are not enough for an Air to detect their presence until it's too late.


Static Pulse:
All Electric Elementals have the innate ability to create static electricity. When they are angry or otherwise disturbed, it is not uncommon to see sparks flying from their fingertips. These sparks have the ability to sting, or give a more potent shock if they are directed at an individual, but rarely have the potency behind them to kill. That is no to say that a concentrated amount powerful enough does not have the capability to stop a heart.

When this static electricity is called upon with enough force behind it, an Elemental can repel the energy out from himself or herself into a wide radius. This blast of power is harmless to any living thing around the using individual aside from delivering a mild tingling shock, but proves fatal to electronic equipment. Motherboards are fried, monitors melt, and data disks sizzle. It is for this reason that Static Pulse is thought of mainly as a defense ability.


Wind Sense:
Such an extremely basic power that it is often times taken for granted as instinct. Wind Sense allows an Air Elemental to sense others around them from the disturbances created in the air by movement. Unless the disturbance is a large one, such as someone running, even the most adept of Air Elementals cannot sense another person's presence.



Cold Fire:
A powerful strike used only by advanced Fire Elementals. A translucent black shade, it has the potential to give whomever it touches bone-deep frostbite.

Strictly a Fire quality, it is able to be put into action only when two Fire Elementals are present. It is not an
easy ability, nor is it something that is unnecessarily or frivolously used, but is called upon only when absolutely essential.

Discovered completely by accident while in the midst of an extensive battle on the Crescent Plains long before the discovery of Ailsing’s Reach, two Fire Elementals who had been cornered and on the verge of being overwhelmed by the opposition felt their powers flare outward in a surge of fear and denial, where they met in mid-air and flowed through each other until, somehow melding to form a whole.

Kranos and Günter had never been able to say exactly what happened or how it happened, but suddenly the world felt as though it had been turned inside out, twisted and painted unnaturally as colors took on a strange hue and clarity that otherwise had never before existed. It seemed as though every physical feeling they had had before had been mute, nonexistent until their powers became one and dragged their minds into a single entity. They moved as one, and thought as one though no actual worded deliberation passed between them. They felt, smelled, and saw the world as one. They felt with double intensity each sensation that overcame them, doubling the pain of physical injury, multiplying each emotion exponentially until it seemed as though the individual no longer existed. When they spoke, it was the same voice that came forth, a double timbre that echoed with exact feeling.

Instinct ruled completely, blocking out intellectual thought until the two men could not tell friend from foe, and the battle between the Loftians and Brigidites shifted from one army opposing the next, to stopping the two Fires from causing any more havoc.

And yet, though both were not extremely powerful by themselves, it was not until they began to experience a marked difference in their own emotions and feel uneasy with the coupling that they were able to separate themselves.

The science behind the melding is still unknown, and though many speculate, the effects of this melding are still a huge mystery. It has been discovered, however, that the only effect this coupling has is to double the power of the two people involved by making it into one nearly unstoppable force, sharpening its potency.

Many who have attempted it do not like it, as it gives both parties a certain view into the inner machinations of an individual, although it does not allow for one to read individual thought. Merely, it gives insight into the basest of emotions and thought-processes of a person, and making such things common knowledge can prove a weakness in the future.

Convergence is difficult to attain, and many that have tried it, have failed. Two individuals must be friendly with each other, with absolutely no ill feeling between them, or the melding will not take place. There can be no doubt with the coupling, either with the fact that your partner will see you more intimately than any other living soul, or whether or not death will come if a battle is waging, for the death of one converged individual means the death of both, as they share the inferno raging within as a single entity.


More an acquired skill than an advanced power, Air Elementals use this technique to literally raise themselves and other objects into the air by commanding the air around them to invisibly solidify. Sometimes a weak power due to one’s own finesse with the art and their personal handle on their ability, most Airs refuse to raise living things more than a few feet into open space, afraid that the intense concentration needed to perform this act might waver and whomever they are focusing on will fall to harm.

The technique is taught to all Air Elementals as soon as their newly Realized powers are under appropriate control, though many Airs do not use it outside of the classroom, believing it to be a crass use of their gifts and an inappropriate devotion of their time.

Atmospheric Conglomeration (Atmosk):
The thickening of the air by the utilizing of the moisture in it. The technique is not to be confused with the power that Water Elementals have over liquid, but rather the space between the liquid. It is used only by Air Elementals, and is an acquired art with which an Air causes the blank space between water molecules to restrict, greatly decreasing the amount of breathable oxygen to the point where some have described the sensation as attempting to breathe in thick smoke. If a practitioner is particularly adept at this, not only could the talent cause considerable shortness of breath, but can also lead to a waterless drowning, though to achieve the latter one must keep at it for several minutes at a time.

Maintaining Atmosk is very difficult as it requires a vast knowledge of not only air itself, but the things which reside in it, and the concentration it takes to perform the act is astronomical.


A technique first discovered by Trin Cruz, an Aisling’s Reach Dark Elemental on a reconnaissance mission into the forest land skirting Loftas in anticipation of an infiltration mission, this talent is used to literally send a person’s mind outward in varying distances depending on personal fortitude to detect other Elementals in their immediate area. As with many advanced powers, a newly Realized Dark Elemental can stumble upon this during Realization only. After the thrill of Realization fades, the skill of Casting is lost until taught by someone who is adept at using it, not something that is second nature nor can it be learned on one’s own, and is vastly difficult to learn, requiring ample amounts of time concentrating on centering one's self through meditation and the projection of one’s self outward to accomplish.

A dangerous art to both those who know through extensive training how to use it and especially to the newly Realized who accidentally stumble upon it, Casting requires the user to detach their mind from their body and send it outward into the shadows that surround them. Shadows in and of themselves are powerful things, as any Dark Elemental can attest, and absorb the aura patterns of those standing within them, humans seen as rather dull, while Elementals reflect brightly the colors of the elements that rule them; Dark Elementals show gray, Airs projecting pale sky blue, Earths embody browns, Electrics are shot through with yellow, Lights flow with golds, Metals reflect a coppery hue, Fires glow orange, while Water Elementals cast an array of aquamarine. UnRealized Elemental children project the same auras as their fully Realized brethren, and there is no way to distinguish between friend and foe, and as such, Casting can prove an inconclusive talent. It is mentally draining, and carries the threat of a Dark losing their minds within the shadowy mire they venture out into, making it difficult for their minds to return to their bodies without years of proper training, and so is used extremely sparingly; it is rare for a newly Realized to return to their bodies at all.

Vision Thrust, aka Dark Illusion:
An ability that is lost directly after the first rush of Realization, Vision Thrust is an advanced power that is learned through much the same way as Casting. It requires a massive amount of concentration and the ability to project one's mind outward without a Dark's consciousness actually leaving their bodies.

Rarely seen even in the most advanced of Dark Elementals, Vision Thrust allows a user to create fear-inducing illusions around their enemy. Because this requires an intense amount of concentration, Vision Thrust can only be used against one person at a time, and is mentally exhausting to uphold, wavering to nothingness after only a few seconds of use.


An advanced power that requires extreme discipline to keep from killing the Earth Elemental performing it, an Elemental can transfer some of his own life force to a plant or small animal to repair damage done. Infusion takes an astounding amount of an Earth's power to perform and so only small healing is done, and is an ability that is taught only to the most adept of users.

Similar to both Compound and fracture but far more comprehensive, it allows the Elemental to literally disrupt bonds at a molecular level by creating a massive friction between them, reducing any plant or mineral to dust. The amounts of power required for disruption of bonds depends entirely on the size of the object meant for Disintegration, and if too large an object is targeted, the amount of energy required can and will kill the Earth Elemental attempting to achieve it. Also requiring a terrific amount concentration and a large amount of control before it can be achieved, it is rare to see anyone who has not been Realized for at least fifteen years perform this act.

Not unlike a Dark Elemental's ability to send messages through shadow using Casting, Earth Elementals can send messages through the utilization of loose sand should it be available. The ability to do this is extremely advanced and requires years of extensive and disciplined training. Earth Elementals must be surrounded by loose sand as well as have access to a track of sand unhindered by hard rock for this type of communication to work, something that is rare in the rocky and dangerous Wilds, as sand is weak and malleable and cannot travel through stone. An Earth must thrust his hands into the sand, close his mind to all else around him, and send it out through the sand in a fast-moving bolt. Only able to send his mind short distances or else lose track of his mind altogether, when the thought reaches its goal, it solidifies into a sandy Avatar carrying the image and voice of its creator.

The farther the distance the Avatar is made to travel, the harder it is on the Earth Elemental, draining of both mental and physical strength; if an Earth attempts to send the Avatar too far away, the power utilized to do this drains the Elemental completely, leading to death.


I urge everyone to add their original powers to this board. To do so, please PM me with your ideas and I will expand the topic.

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Specific Powers

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