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Title : Madman
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PostSubject: MILLITARY   Thu Aug 18, 2011 5:05 am

Although not a warlike race, the people of Salvagard have used the military for protection since the Ice War, and it is made up of both professional soldiers and conscripted citizens in their service to the crown (which must be a total of one year every ten years). This mixed force is used as both a police force and an army, although they mainly hold back the Icemen raids that occur every few years and prevent the Ice Trolls from entering the kingdom proper. It must be noted that only the Clerics of the Twelve and the miners of Eadburg are exempt from crown service in the army.

There are no true ranks as a Human would understand. However there are hierarchies which exist. Most soldiers will be led by a pack leader, who is always a career solider. Packs are then formed into Groups, up to 5 packs to one group, commanded by an experienced solider known as a group leader. There are 10 groups in an army, commanded by a general, who is usually of noble birth but who will also have had extensive military training.

Professional hunters are conscripted in times of conflict as scouts and fast response units, their skills and professional training lend themselves well to combat. However, a hunter will rarely be seen battle, usually keeping out of sight to prevent any flanking force from approaching the main battle and harrying an enemy from long range with powerfully thrown spears.

*Crime, Justice and Punishment
Crimes such as theft and murder are exceptionally rare in Salvagard, as every citizen has the ability to tell when someone is lying by scent and posture. However, crimes of indiscretion, such as brawls, are regular occurrences. Most crimes are solved in an open court presided over either by a village headman or by a Cleric of Setin, who will render judgment and punishment on the matter. Punishment is usually time spent performing hard labour, such as cleaning latrines, working in the tanneries or constructing buildings. However, in major crimes, such as murder, the King himself will preside, and if convicted they are sent to the Grand arena to fight against wild animals and monsters until they are killed. Anyone who survives a full day will be pardoned, being seen as receiving Setin’s blessing to emerge victorious.

However, when High crimes such as treason or rape are condemned the punishment will be public execution with the silver spear Kasherik, local folklore holding that those killed with silver have their souls destroyed, and are instantly cast into the Abyss
In many cases major disputes, usually between nobles, the matter is settled with Duelling daggers in the grand arena, with the victor considered as having the favour of the gods. Such displays are also major events, with much of the population flocking to the arena to watch and bet on the outcomes.

The Weaponry of Salvagard is basic, as a race that can become killing machines at will require very little assistance at performing the task. However, several forms of weapon have become used to help increase the ease of tasks such as hunting and fighting. The most common weapon is the fighting spear, roughly 6’ long, most made from tough wood with a simple iron/steel head, although many are far more ornate depending on werewolves’ standing in the kingdom and whether or not the spear is hereditary.

Next most common weapon used is the duelling dagger, with board blades which are given to a Salvagardian after their Trial of Ascendance along with their silver tokens.

Less common weaponry are Slingshots, mainly used by hunters to bring down birds, and Swords, which have only recently appeared in Salvagard after the coming of Humans to the land, and are usually too short to be effective in Salvagardian style combat.

Items such as axes and hammers are considered tools, not weapons to fight with, and Bows were never developed or needed in a land where a half man/ half wolf could throw a spear like a trebuchet bolt.

Shields are usually made of stout wood and are strapped to a Soldiers back to keep it out of the way unless it is needed to protect from incoming projectiles.


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