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Title : Madman
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PostSubject: ECONOMY   Thu Aug 18, 2011 5:05 am

The economy of Salvagard, whilst not as complex as that of the human lands, still relies heavily on trade. Most domains specialise in some way, be it in wood, fish, furs, or diamonds.

The primary resources of the country are mainly wood and stone. There are few metals used here, and mining is rare. Many homes are built from wood, although the city of Salvagard is renowned for its stone architecture. Game is still abundant after 1800 years through there are strict controls over who can hunt and where, but items such as fish or fruit are rare, with the climate being too harsh for most to survive for any length of time. There are isolated pockets of such resources in the south of the kingdom, which are usually horded by the residence and sell for a very high price.

The most common foodstuff next to meat is a form of bamboo rice that takes the place of grain in human society. It can be grown quickly, growing from shoot to maturity ready to be harvested in 3 months, quickly enough to avoid the winter conditions within the kingdom. Great swaths of the southern kingdom close the mountains, formerly barren plains, are now are home to great fields of rice, and it is the job of every citizen nearby to harvest the crop before the winter descends and destroys it.

The most valuable resource in the kingdom is diamond, found in the foothills of a western mountain range around Salvagard’s second settlement, Eadburg. It is used as currency and is strictly guarded to prevent theft by others.

*Food Allocation
Although there is a system of money in place used in trade, Basic foodstuffs such as bamboo rice are free in Salvagard, with the exception of imported luxuries, and so even the lowest citizen will eat as well as the richest noble, if not quiet eating the same food. Most diets are supplemented by game hunted from the forests and other resources foraged or bought from traders.

The monetary system in Salvagard is based on the diamond standard. With almost infinite supplies of the mineral can be taken from the hills around Eadburg, the kingdom can afford to use what is considered to be a precious stone in the outside world as common currency. Each stone is mined and cut into small, polished crystals about 1/4 the size of a normal human coin. This is then added to the treasury, carefully engraved with the crowns symbol and distributed into general circulation.

Of note is that no diamond mined in the kingdom is to ever be taken beyond Salvagard’s boarders. The seam is big enough for the people of Salvagard, but could not survive long if their currency began to leak into the outside world.


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