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Title : Madman
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PostSubject: TRESURES OF SALVAGARD    Thu Aug 18, 2011 5:03 am

*The Book of Twelve
The most Holy relic of the Salvagardian nation, it was discovered in the Cave of Life (also know as the Cave of the twelve) by the Prophet Salvagard. It is in fact said to be a long scroll that contains the knowledge of the gods, and would allow the barer to see into the vary nature of creation itself, giving them the power to shape events to their will. For this reason the book is sealed in the vaults of the Royal castle, never to be looked upon under penalty of death to all, including the King himself.

* Snow Throne
Situated in the throne room of Salvagard castle and carved from the very mesa itself, the Snow throne is the seat of absolute power in Salvagard. It has been occupied by an uninterrupted line of Norberg Kings for the last 1750 years. It is a plain seat, twice the height of a man, usually covered in furs to allow ease of sitting.

*The Seeking Stone
A curious device, It was created by the clerics of the Twelve using knowledge said to be passed down to the High Cleric in a dream. A tall object of Clear crystal, it is used to know if the person it is currently bonded to is alive or dead. The bonding requires the chosen person to press their hand against the base of the crystal, which will then glow, indicating that said person is alive. It will remain bonded to said person until their death, when it will stop glowing. It is usually used to keep track of a King if they take to the field of battle or are travelling long distances.

*The Twin Silver Spears of Kashinor and Kasherik
Created during the time of strife, these two spears were made by the clerics as holy weapons to be used against traitors to the crown. They are ornate rods in their rested form, each end capped by a large silver spearhead surrounded by a fan of silver blades pointing towards the Spears tip.
When they are to be used the centre of the rod is turned once, and the spear extends to its full length of 6 feet, the blades fanning slightly to allow for grater fighting motion, although they have poor range if throw.
The Spears are kept in the Palace vault, close to the Book of Twelve.


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