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 Concerning magic

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Title : Madman
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PostSubject: Concerning magic    Tue Aug 16, 2011 5:42 pm

In this Topic I intend to talk about magic in the world of Salvagard. In almost every fantasy world, magic exists in some form or another and goes by many names. And for every name there are at least four or five different reasons for its existence and what it can do.

Salvagard is no different. Magic exists (it is quite different from other fantasy forms, but to save on confusion we’ll call it magic), but in Salvagard it is not something to be wanted or sought after. Magic is Salvagard is akin to powerful radiation that can warp reality as opposed to just DNA. However, it is also essential to the functioning of the world, and exists as a counterbalance to the physical plain of existence, although magic can bleed through into the ‘real’ world and alter things, normally for the worse.

There are no ‘Practitioners’ of magic (Wizards, Warlocks, Sorcerers, etc), as any being that comes into contact with magic itself would suffer a horrible fate. Werewolves are a prime example, being humans who in ancient times came into contact with magic that had bled into reality and warped them into Werewolves. A similar result could be attributed to the creation of the Blood Queen and her kin, but nothing is known of them. Admittedly, these are relatively benign results compared to mutation or death, but in small quantities magic can be endured, even if the results are unpleasant.

An example of extensive magical bleed through in Salvagard would be the Eastern Mountains. There, the lines between the magic realm and the physical one are thin, and many creatures suffer the warping effect, such as the Ice Giants that evolved from Snow Trolls due to their continued living in the area.

Magic can be distilled into devices, although they would serve a limited purpose, mainly harming others. The procedure involves introducing lead into a magic-heavy area, which attracts magical energies, and then working the lead into a device in some way. However, these devices are very dangerous, usually harming the user as well as the target, if not physically then mentally, which usually manifests as madness.

There also exist beings made purely of magic (for ease of reference we will call the demons). These beings can only exist where there is large quantities of magic, like the Eastern Mountain ranges or in many of the deep tunnels and caves that exist beneath Salvagard. They are beings that defy logic and physics, appearing like nightmares from thin air, tearing the people around them to shreds before vanishing back to the magic plane. Any who survive contact with these beings will be left badly mauled, both physically and mentally unless they have some defense.

That brings me to another element in the magical arsenal: divine power. Different to magic, this is given to Clerics of the Twelve to use in healing others and to ward off any magic that may be in the area (an example is the Anti-magic torque worn by Helmer Norberg, shielding him from all but the most powerful magic effects). Divine power can also be distilled into objects, this being caught by clerics in quartz crystals and worked into objects, such as the twin spears of Kashinor and Kasherik.

Finally, magic can also be defeated by the use of precious metals, which disrupt any flow of magic they touch, banishing it back to its own plane. Silver is the best at this, and hence its ability to cause Werewolves an incredible amount of pain and harm, being quasi-magical beings themselves. Gold and other precious metals are safe for usage by physical beings touched by Magic (werewolves, vampires, Ice Giants, etc), but will still harm purely magical creatures such as demons.

So, that is how magic works in Salvagard, if you have any questions let me know.


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Concerning magic

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