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 Terminologies & Titles

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PostSubject: Terminologies & Titles   Wed Jul 13, 2011 12:22 am

Brigidites:Elementals and Humans who live in Aisling's Reach, named for Brigit De Velonspri, the revolutionary mind and warrior who gathered behind her a great number of Elementals and broke away from the general populous to begin the rebellion, taking with them many liberated humans.
Elitists: Those who dwell in Loftas. Their main belief is their supremacy above humans and are called Elitists by Brigidites, Wilders, and the humans they enslave, though the term is used discreetly among those slaves.
Wilders: Those who live in the Wilds.
Free Nations: The humans of Aisling's Reach.
Cyartists: The common term for anyone who devotes themselves to technology and the ideals of the technological community.
Regulators: The League of Regulators was formed after a young Earth Elemental, long before the Brigidite Rebellion, was allowed too early and without
proper supervision into the populous of her people. One night before retiring to bed, someone told a joke, she laughed (forgetting the solid presence of her power within her,) and leveled her entire village to the ground.

Thus, the Regulators were born. Called Shadow, Container, Blocker, Professor, Madam, and Sir, they do not actually teach. They are the select few of the strongest Elementals of each element in each city has to offer. Their ages range between fifty and seventy-five, and are well known for their stations by the long vermilion jackets they wear, as well as by their hair styles, which is kept to a severely short length, even with the women.

In both Aisling's Reach and Loftas, when an Elemental first Realizes, they are sequestered in solitary confinement until they can control their emotions enough to no longer be considered a threat to the general population. Accidents, however, can - and most often do happen, and because of such, the Regulators are summoned.

Arriving in pairs, these two steadfastly dedicate themselves to whichever newly Realized is placed in their charge, watching over them day and night until the
directors of the Academy are completely convinced that the child will not destroy all that is around them. They are in the solitary room a child is placed in at the moment of Realizing, are a constant presence in classrooms, dormitories, and at meal times, coming and gong as a tag-team every twelve hours, always beside their charge, ready to deflect an errant use of power and protect those who would otherwise not be able to protect themselves. Until an Elemental is deemed 'safe', his or her Regulators are the only ones they are allowed to spar with.

Each Regulator is equipped with a device, created by human Cyartists in Aisling's Reach and Elemental Cyartists in Loftas, called the 'panic button', which gives a few scant seconds advanced notice when their charge is about to lose control. Fashioned into a gold bracelet in Loftas, and a copper necklace in Aisling's Reach, these devices, programmed with the power-signature of the child a Regulator is in charge of, emit a low pitched humming and grow warm against a Regulator's skin whenever it perceives a random influx in power.

Water counteracts Fire. Metal offsets Air. Electric defies Earth. Light contradicts Dark.
Seekers of Loftas: Normally comprised of Air and Dark Elementals, other Elementals can be conscripted into this elitist force created to root out and destroy enemies of the government. Seekers are also the ones who venture forth into the Wilds with the intent of capturing both Wilders and Brigidites.
Searchers of Aisling's Reach: a special taskforce designed for the patrol of the Crescent Plans and the retrieval of those inhabiting the Wilds. The members of the Searchers must be extremely adept with their elements, and must go through a specialized survival training.

Baddies: Coined by the children living in the Wilds. Refers to those who live in Loftas.
Goodies: Also coined by the children in the Wilds. Refers to those who live in Aisling's Reach.
Uppers: Used by the children in Aisling's Reach to refer to those who live on the Crescent Plain.
Unders: Used by the children living on the Crescent Plain, in Loftas and the Wilds alike, referring to the people who live in Aisling's Reach.
Cuspers: Referring to Metal, Electric, Light, and Dark Elementals due to the time period they are born. As thought by those who study the Zodiac,
between each sign there are born people on the cusps, rare individuals who encompass both basic personalities of the signs they fall between, and so it is with Elementals. The cusper Elementals are rare, comprising of only 1/4 of the Elemental population.
Pledging: The lifetime bonding of a man and woman wherein a pledge is made, whether it is the pledge to keep someone safe, or keeping the laughter
in someone's life. Practiced in majority in Aisling's Reach and Loftas, this has also spilled out into the Wilds, where two people join at younger ages than is allowed in either Aisling's Reach or Loftas.

In Loftas, Pledging is kept solely to Elementals. Not allowed to anyone under legal adult age (twenty-five), the ceremony between man and woman is elaborate and drawn out, where special recognition is given to the combining of two powers into one household. Formal garb is required, and the food fare is as intricate as the ceremony, which has been known to last hours in itself.

It is rare in Loftas for love to play a factor in a pledge-coupling, as power and the building of powerful families, whether by gifted children or monetary funds, is the paramount belief.

In Aisling's Reach, a Pledge Ceremony is a more jovial affair on a much larger scale. It is more of a party than a formal occasion, and fireworks and street displays of music and dancing are known to last days. Attire is as casual as the ceremony itself, and food is a barbecue-style picnic, the celebration attitude often spilling out from the actual attendees of the ceremony to the entire population of the Reach. Allowed to all residents of Aisling's Reach, it is not
uncommon for humans and Elemental to inter-pledge.

In the Wilds, Pledging is, as with many other things when compared with Loftas and Aisling's Reach, vastly different. No ceremony is held, no extravagant
shows of powers and magnificently shaped fireworks. It is an exchanging of words, the power of a promise between two people, and it is a bond made for life. The ages of Pledging in the Wilds extend into a few years before the normal adult age in both Aisling's Reach or Loftas, but is frowned upon by the nominated leaders of each separate tribe by anyone younger then eighteen.


I urge everyone to add their own original terminology and titles to this board. To do so, please PM me with your ideas and I will expand the topic.

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Terminologies & Titles

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