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 Code of Conduct

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PostSubject: Code of Conduct   Fri Aug 05, 2011 3:26 pm

  • Anubis Scripts is, above all, a roleplaying site open to members of all skill levels, and we encourage those of all skill levels to join into roleplays with each other. That being said, we ask our members to remember that we all started somewhere, and to be respectful with each other. If you offer criticisms, they should be constructive criticisms only.

  • The administration of Anubis Scripts will tolerate no slander of its members. Any flames, personally directed or aimed at a person's writing style or abilities, will be immediately deleted and the person responsible will be given a notice of action, the level of which depending on the heat of the flame.

  • Anubis Scripts will tolerate no spamming of its members. Any reports of spamming will warrant investigation and possible notice of action and/or removal from the site.

  • Please do not double-post (one post right after the other) in out-of-character boards; this is reserved for the Administrators and is used in special circumstances only, such as updates. If you forgot something you wanted to say, please edit your post (the button to do this is located in the top right of the post screen). The only place double-posting is allowed in the roleplay boards when you are writing IC (in character), and in the Author's Nook and original The Stories boards.

    Starters of roleplays are allowed to specify no double posting. Those joining are required to abide by these wishes.

  • Posts made in all boards must be PG-13. Cursing is only allowed in RPs, and only in moderation. You are asked to remember that you are possibly RPing with adolescents ages 13 and above.

    To review what PG-13 is, it is highly suggested you click here to avoid any notices of action.

  • If you are inactive with your character in an RP for more than 7 days without posting an absence, the members you are RPing with have the right to write around your character and move on with the RP once they have gained permission to do so from an Administrator. This is up to member discretion.

  • Videos will be limited to the proper topic area and will not be allowed in any of the RPG, original world, or original works areas. Videos are also not allowed in any signatures, as it takes time for these to load, and some people do not have the internet capacity to load them.

    Videos must be kept PG-13, no matter what. Any violation of these rules will result in the video's deletion and a possible notice of action.

  • Administration asks that all member avatars and signatures be appropriate and include no nudity, cursing, drug use, alcohol use, or religious symbols that may offend. If an avatar or signature is seen that falls into any of these categories, a member will be asked to change their image immediately.

  • No graphic material is allowed, and the posting of which will result in an immediate notice of action. PMs should also not contain anything graphic (drugs, sex, nudity,) and any members who receive graphic material in PMs are encouraged to report it to Administration immediately.

  • The CBox is viewable to all guests and members. No flaming of members, defamation of characters or the site, or general meanness will be tolerated. Graphic words or links to graphic material is not allowed under any circumstances. Any violation of these will result in a notice of action.

    The Cbox is not the space for advertisement. No flooding or spamming in the Cbox is tolerated. Violation of this may result in a notice of action, which may include temporary or permanent banishment from the Cbox.

  • Smilies are not to be seen in RPG posts unless the member is posting OOC (Out Of Character). Furthermore, Polls should not be seen in RPG forums and are to be kept to the designated member discussion areas. If polls are seen in RPGs, they will be promptly removed. Continued violation of this by the same member will result in a notice of action.

  • Final rule: Just remember to have fun! Just because you see a list of rules here doesn't mean that Anubis Scripts can't be as much of a blast as you can make it!

Notices of Actions

Notices of actions are not on a three-strike basis and vary in length and magnitude depending on the situation.

  • A level one action entails a written warning sent to the offending person's inbox and will require the offending person to issue a personal message of apology to the one offended and a CC to an Administrator.

  • A level two action involves a suspension of membership, the length of which to be determined by the Administrators. Upon membership reinstatement, a letter of apology will be submitted by personal message to the one offended and CC'd to an Administrator.

  • A level three action includes permanent banishment from Anubis Scripts and a block placed on the offending person's IP address to derail further memberships under another name.


Any questions regarding the rules, or any further suggestions for rules, can be submitted by personal message to one of Anubis Scripts' Administrators or Junior Administrators.

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Code of Conduct

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