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 Rules of Writing

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PostSubject: Rules of Writing   Fri Aug 05, 2011 3:24 pm

Characters in an RPG can be original or canon (belonging to the original author), although original characters are encouraged along with an original plot, as this is a a lot more fun, believe me!

You may use NPC (Non Player Character) characters to your heart's content. However, if you wish to officially own your character, you are required to submit a template for appraisal in the New Character's board to help us know your character's background, how they apply to the fandom you have chosen, and basic characteristics such as appearance, age, and personality. (To reword and ensure that this is understood, a template for original characters only needs to to be submitted if you are planning to own that character. If not, you don't have to worry about submitting a template.)

All members are regulated to two owned characters for use total for each fandom to prevent overextending themselves. A request for additional characters may be submitted to Admin and will be decided upon based on a member's activity level.

A warning! Once an owned character is dead, it's dead. You cannot bring it back to life.

If a member wishes to enter into an RPG that is established, it is requested that the member ask permission first, as it's only polite.


Also known as powerplaying, god-modding, quite simply, is the active take-over of another person's character in a RPG and includes making that character talk, placing thoughts into the character's head (one can't know what another person is thinking, so how can one know what another person's character is thinking?), making another person's character move, or harming or killing the character. This is only acceptable when you have the owner's express permission to do so. And because Admins and Mods can't read minds, either, please put a little snippet in the OOC (Out of Character) portion of your portion of your posts to let us know that you have this permission.

Otherwise, do not god-mod. Nothing makes your friendly neighborhood Admin twitch more than this.

Typos... Oh, God... The typos!

We all make mistakes. It's a fact of life, and no matter how perfect we try to be, it happens (believe me, as I am the Queen of Typos). But there is a way to avoid making most mistakes in your posts. The most important: use a word processor to check your spelling. Re-read your work before you post it to make sure that punctuation and grammar are correct, and that you've haven't accidentally used 'buy' when you meant to use 'bye'. Please DO NOT use abbreviations in the IC (in character) portion of your posts: you will be contacted to remove these immediately.

Order up?

There's a posting order to every RP, and please try to keep it. If there are three or more people involved in a thread this will help prevent confusion. If a character has disappeared, or has not posted in 7 days time, please contact an administrator or moderator for permission to go ahead and skip that person. In threads with three or more people, you will have 7 days to post before the others are allowed to NPC (Non Player Character) your character, unless you've posted an absence.

Quality vs. Quantity

As my very good friend, Vali, said, "Roleplaying is not about writing a novel. Writing a novel is about writing a novel. Roleplaying is about creating a story with your fellow writers that is intriguing and fun to read and, most importantly, to write."

Quality rules. Always, hands down. Remember, we cannot see what you see, hear what you hear, taste what you taste, or feel how you feel. There's a vast difference between 'the sun was rising' and ' the sun cast thick rays of magenta across the horizon as it crested the high mountains to the east, bathing the world in a golden glow that spoke of the good day to come'.

Administration and moderators don't give a crap if what you write is one paragraph long (at least) as long as it has description. It's bloody difficult to reply to a post that has no body (and I'm not talking about length) ^.^

Fandoms vs. Original Worlds

A RPG based in a fandom, such as Harry Potter or Gundam Wing, must be true to the world already established by their owners or labeled as being AU (alternative universe). An example is that in Harry Potter, the dead cannot come back to life. Therefore, in a Harry Potter RP, characters cannot come back to life.

If questions arise as to what is reality for specific fandoms, moderators of the pages should be notified first. If you are unable to rouse a board moderator on this issue after a 24 period, you are encouraged to PM either a Junior Administrator or Administrator for the answer.

Original worlds belong solely to those who created them, and are to be considered copyrighted by their creators. If any of these worlds are found posted on other sites by anyone other than their original creators, an automatic and immediate level three notice of action will be taken against the thief (please see Rules of Conduct), and the site's administrator will be immediately notified of plagiarism.

The reality of the original world must be adhered to as specified by the creator, and questions pertaining to what can and cannot happen in these worlds must be directed toward the world's creator. If the creator cannot be found after a 24 hour period, questions can then be directed toward a Junior Administrator or Administrator who will attempt to answer to the best of their knowledge. The creator of the world is the moderator of that world's specified board, and has complete autonomy of what happens in that world under the direction of Anubis Scripts' Junior Administrators and Administrators. Any posts that do not adhere to the creator's, Junior Administrator's, or Administrator's guidelines will be removed.

To obtain an Original World board, a member must be active within the Anubis Scripts community for one month, not including absences, to prevent a site full of uninhabited worlds. The member must submit a complete idea of that world to the site owner [url=http://anubisscripts.forummotion.com/u1(TruthSayer)[/url] for review in personal message format. The owner of the site has complete autonomy when it comes to these boards, and has the ability and the right to both deny the creation of the world on Anubis Scripts, and delete a world if a lawful situation arises. If the member who created the Original World is banned, the Original World has the possibility to remain on Anubis Scripts for the further enjoyment of other members.

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Rules of Writing

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