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PostSubject: Guidelines   Mon Jul 25, 2011 1:51 am

Feel like getting bloody? Awesome. Before you do, however, here are some general guidelines you need to know.

  • Characters here can be canon or original. Canon characters must adhere to the rules of their original worlds (ex: Harry Potter cannot all of a sudden shoot magic death rays from his fingertips.) Original characters used here do not have be registered with the site's Character Creation forum, although you should have some idea of what the race the character is (human, dwarf, elf, magic-user) and what that character can do (Human: maybe guns. Elf: maybe magic).
  • This is the only place within Anubis Scripts you can kill a registered original character and still have them alive for other roleplaying. If you use a registered original, make sure to keep within the reality you've set for them, meaning that if your character is human, it cannot all of a sudden resurrect an army of zombies to kill your opponent for you.
  • If a character does die, make certain it's all right with the person playing that character (god-moding makes me twitch).
  • And make it fun for everyone! Don't let your character be the one stick in the mud that just doesn't get hurt. It's meant to be realistic, to a point, so be sure to write your character with realistic expectations.

Now, go! Off with you! Have fun, my lovely little Anubians! farao

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