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 Tome of the Ancients: The Beginning

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PostSubject: Tome of the Ancients: The Beginning   Wed Jul 13, 2011 1:35 am

From the moment before time began to many different times afterward, gods ruled the world. There was Thadon, Lord of Air, Yehsev, Deity of Fire, Levin, Divinity of Water, and Crusach, Spirit of Earth, each the fathers of our world. From their high place in Heaven they looked down upon the world they had created, full of mountains, trees, streams, and fresh, crisp air and named it Sabine. They saw the beings Sabine had birthed, humans full of as much life and vitality as the world around them, and in their greed and lust saw the women, and wanted them. Throwing lots for supremacy, they decided the order in which they would walk among these woman and lay with them, for the world was a fragile place, and could not sustain more than one of them living on it at a time.

It was Crusach which won, and so he shaped himself into human form, made himself tall and beautiful, and descended down to take as many women as his allotted thousand years would provide. Many died after the god’s completion, and many more were barren to his seed, but to those few who were able to conceive, a demigod was born. In the time of the Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn moons sons who possessed power of the earth grew.

At the end of Crusach’s thousand years, Levin stepped down from the astral plain and during the time of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces his children peppered the world. Then came Thadon, his lineage born to Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, and after him was Yehsev and his offspring, given to Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

After the rape of Sabine’s women by the gods, their sons married and laid with human women, and so their powers over Earth, Air, Fire, and Water spread to their sons and daughters, until the world’s humans were vastly outnumbered by the world’s Elementals.

Then, the gods grew greedy once more, threw lots, and again descended to Sabine, where for one hundred years they pillaged the beds of the women, human and Elemental alike. When their seed took hold within an Elemental, a new demigod was born. To god Fire and Elemental Earth there was born Heiro, Metal Alchemist; to god Air and Elemental Water was born Vierynon, the Light Bearer; to god Water and Elemental Fire was born Nadah, Essence of Dark; and to god Earth and Elemental Air was born Ciamon, Chi of Electricity.

The Elementals, having discovered their gifts, believed themselves to be gods, deities among men, whose birth right it was to rule over them, and would not abide by any who would steal their rule. They waited for many generations, each generation growing stronger than the last, for their fathers to descent once more, and were not disappointed in the gods’ greed. As each of their fathers appeared, Elementals rose up against them and in their combined power killed them.

But Sabine was no greater a place for this. The Elementals who survived the battles had become bloodthirsty, cruel, and cutthroat, enslaving humankind until, many millennia after their rise, a daughter was born unto them that saw the greed, rage, and pain her forefathers and foremothers had visited upon the humans, and was saddened and repulsed by it. The woman, named Brigit de Velonspri after her father’s house, gathered to her a great number of followers who believed as she did, and a rebellion was born. Under Brigit’s banner, thousands of Elementals broke away from tradition and did what they could to salvage their human kin, freeing as many of the Elemental’s slaves as possible before fleeing into Sabine’s wilderness.

There, the rebel forces built townships sheltered by Sabine’s wild nature and placed as much protection around themselves as possible. For lifetimes war ensued between brothers. Mothers turned against their daughters and daughters dispatched their fathers, while all the while the Brigitites strove to save the human race from extinction.

But their more violent brethren greatly outnumbered them, and their townships were vulnerable. A human woman, Aisling, masterminded a plan to move the Brigitite contingent to a place where they would no longer have to worry about attack.

From the ground beneath them the strongest of their Earth Elementals shaped and molded a great cavern, pushing and shoving aside bedrock and magma to create Aisling’s Reach. The Air Elementals generated breathable air. The Lights created a pseudo-sun and hung it high within the pinnacle of the cavern. Fires melted and heaved great mounds of granite to form archaic homes. Waters made drinkable water flow, and when all was done, the Brigitites disappeared, Dark and Light Elementals sealing and hiding the entrance to Aisling’s Reach with the most potent of their magic.

But the Brigitites could not forget the humans left above, doomed to slavery and forced breeding, and so ventured forth in tangent strikes against their enemies to conquer them, and kidnap as many of their slaves as they could along the way. War ensued, carried out by the many generations since its conception until none could remember the feeling of peace.

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Tome of the Ancients: The Beginning

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